Calle 13 Concert for Hope starring in Bogota
Calle 13 arrive in Bogota with the recent release of Multi_Viral. (Photo Archive)

The Puerto Rican group Calle 13, comprising René Pérez (Residente) and Eduardo Cabra (away), will star in the third Concert of Hope this May 14 in Bogota, capital of Colombia. The Puerto Rican band was chosen for this free concert for being a band that sings to democracy, freedom of expression, inclusion, the desire for a united Latin America, revealing the existence of inequities and the rejection of invisibility less favorecidos.En presentation, Residente and Visitante rule not sing a duet with the song Toto La Momposina marketplace and also perform a tribute to the writer and Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez.Al Calle 13 concert will also come with the recent release of Multi_Viral, an album overflowing all its reflective content and it had the influence of figures such as the writer Eduardo Galeano, who gave them a few words. “In a way, he blesses the disc; your text falls within the album brutally, “said Visitante.Además, is working with the Cuban singer Silvio Rodríguez. “It’s important. A super luxury. He invited us to a concert and we approached. That song was a surprise and very important, recognizing his work as a musician, he has been open to that possibility, “he said. Julian Assange (WikiLeaks), with whom René Pérez found on several occasions and whose story led to the title track production also appears.On this episode, Guest said: “Importantly, the theme song is posing; he is a very real example of media manipulation and this that he is living now. The power of communication is super important. How information is handled is an issue that touches everyone. And I think it was good he did visit my brother, what was accomplished. “