Brazil expresses solidarity with Venezuela in a large tuitazo

The Brazilian people showing their solidarity with Venezuela also through social networks. On Tuesday, starting at 1700 GMT (local 14H00) will hold a peace tuitazo with tags # and # ComAVenezuelaOmbroAOmbro SolidaridadConVenezuela.
Through both labels will express the solidarity that has historically been characteristic between these sister nations. The reason is to raise a message of peace to the coup situation in the Venezuelan people since 12 February.
With calls “guarimbas” extreme right running a mild blow against the revolutionary government of Venezuela, with the aim of overthrowing Nicolas Maduro and stop the socialist project initiated by Commander Hugo Chavez to dignify the underprivileged.
The “guarimbas” are the violent events involving street closures, attacks on public institutions and the heritage of the State arms attacks on pedestrians and other blunt objects, including vandalism.
In this regard, the international community has expressed support for the dignitary Nicolas Maduro, who was elected by the will of the people expressed at the polls, and highlighted its efforts to restore peace in the nation with the National Conference for Peace.
Also, Maduro has promoted dialogue with opposition members to find solutions to the violent situation that has left more than 40 dead and hundreds injured.They have also made efforts to boost productivity in the country with the Economic Conference for Peace, which brings together entrepreneurs and authorities on economics.