Daily Archives: 13 mayo, 2014

More than 500 years after the Santa Maria rises from the depths

After a decade of searching, a team of researchers believe they have found the remains of Christopher Columbus’ flagship, which sank off the coast of Haiti in December 1942. The boat got stuck on a reef off the north coast of Haiti 3 and 4.5 meters below the surface.

FREE Party calls social mobilizations after attack leader

In an exclusive interview teleSUR Rafael Barahona said the call for mobilization is for all the violence, insecurity and political intolerance in Honduras.

FARC insists comprehensive agrarian reform

Marcos Calarca, one of the delegates of the FARC in the peace talks taking place in Havana read a statement in which insurgents claim that a comprehensive agrarian reform is necessary to destroy the crops of marijuana, poppy and leaf coke.

Brazil expresses solidarity with Venezuela in a large tuitazo

On Tuesday, starting at 1700 GMT (local 14H00) users of social networks in Brazil will hold a peace tuitazo with tags # # ComAVenezuelaOmbroAOmbro SolidaridadConVenezuela and to support the Venezuelan people, after the coup situation facing since 12 February.

UN mediator runs out in Syrian conflict

The UN mediator and the Arab League, Lakhdar Brahimi, had been accused of obstructing the negotiations between the Syrian government and the opposition. Brahimi had criticized the conduct of elections in Syria against the popular will expressed through the vote.

Rejection student forced to suspend director of IMF paper


Through an online petition of Smith College students opposed the participation of Christine Lagarde at the ceremony Prom as they say they do not want to be represented “by anyone who has contributed directly to systems that learned to fight.”

Judge Argentina travels to Spain to interview victims of Franco


Judge Maria Servini “intends” to “collect evidence and documentation directly Francoist crimes in different entities and files of the Spanish nation.”

Addicted to your mobile phone? Your health may be at risk


A study undertaken by French experts reveals that people who use cell phones more than 15 hours a month for a time span of five years, are at increased risk of developing certain brain tumors such as glioma or meningioma.

Calle 13 Concert for Hope starring in Bogota


In the third Concert of Hope, Residente and Visitante not rule out singing a duet with the song Toto La Momposina marketplace and also perform a tribute to the writer and Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez.

Venezuela will nominate Maria Lonza myth as World Heritage


Specialists from the Ministry of Culture, Cultural Diversity Center, Institute of Cultural Heritage and the National Experimental University of Yaracuy have introduced a request to UNESCO to request that the myth of Maria Lonza is declared a cultural heritage site.