Daily Archives: 12 mayo, 2014

China and Russia will undertake historical gas supply project


The bilateral cooperation agreement establishes the supply of 38 billion cubic mteros gas to China. This project has been preparing for 10 years, and already advanced 98 percent, so only missing signatures, said Russian Deputy Energy.

NASA warns that Antarctic glaciers melt inevitably


The phenomenon is caused by global warming that affects the planet so direct. The researchers warn that after the descent of the glaciers, temperatures seas could threaten the lives of millions of aquatic animals.

Russia rejects extension of EU sanctions


Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov criticized the “unbalanced and one-dimensional character” of the European Union (EU) in the conflict in Ukraine and urged the agency to worry about real improvement in the situation.

A second person infected with coronavirus MERS in U.S.


The case of infection was recorded in the state of Florida (south), and like the first, the patient was infected outside the country. It is believed that also may have traveled to Saudi Arabia recently.

Screened documentary about medical Jacinto Convit in Venezuela


It Venezuelan TV channel, broadcast on Tuesdays at 08h30 Local, documentary Jacinto Convit, expression of an age where germinated hope, in tribute to the late Jacinto Convit physician.

At least 17 dead in new wreck left Lampedusa


A ship, which at the time of naugrafio operated at a nearby oil rig, alerted the Italian naval ship carrying some 400 migrants aboard, was in trouble. So far, 240 people have been rescued.

Guatemala on alert for mudslides Santiaguito volcano


The heavy rains that occur in Guatemala early hours of Monday morning have prevented the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh), perform the necessary assessment of the Santiaguito volcano.

IMF highlights progress of the economy in Bolivia


Through a report, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), emphasized the economic policies promoted in the Andean country to ensure the stability of its inhabitants. The new Constitution of the State (CPE) and other laws, including the Law Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz, stand in the list of international organization.

Santos: peace process with FARC has exceeded 60% of trading


The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, seeks signs definitive agreement to talks over this year; but confessed to not be in favor of putting “fatal dates” because he felt “these processes are very difficult.”

These players will lose the World Cup dream for injury


teleSUR has a count of players who have seen their dreams shattered unable to be present at the finals due to injuries they have suffered a little time just to start.