Work of Armando Reveron declared patrimony of Venezuela
This Saturday Day Plastic Artist in Venezuela celebrates and coincides with the birth of Reveron. (Photo Archive)

The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, declared cultural heritage of the South American nation the work of master Armando Reveron.
The announcement coincides with the 125th anniversary of the birth of the artist and the Day of the Plastic Artist.
Similarly, the president said a memorial will be built in honor of the artist Reveron.
In that order, he urged that the remains of the teacher go to the National Pantheon
The May 10, 1889 born in Caracas (capital) Armando Reveron, regarded as the largest Venezuelan artist of the twentieth century.
This because of its particular technique to capture the light of the tropics; in full force and brightness.
Mild strokes, subtle, minimalist features, essentially to let the eye of the viewer the ability to complete the perception of the whole work.
At the age of 22 years, came to Europe and came into contact with the work of Goya and Velasquez. He traveled to France for a season where he painted outdoors; this time it is his work Bordeaux Landscape.