Maduro welcomes thousands of African descent in Miraflores
President Maduro greets thousands of African descent who arrived at Miraflores (Photo: @ DrodriguezMinci) occurred

This Saturday more than 3000 members of the Movement Afrodescendant Great Patriotic Pole (GPP) met with the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, at the headquarters of the Executive in Caracas (capital).
The event was held in commemoration, this May 10, of the 219 years of the independence uprising José Leonardo Chirino, a black revolutionary who acaudilló people of African descent in the province of Coro (Venezuela north) in a movement which sought to establish the Republic and the elimination of slavery in the South American nation.
President Maduro took the opportunity to compare the current discourse of the Venezuelan right with that expressed by conservative political leaders who opposed the slaves were freed in the nineteenth century.
“These ideas of fascism today that attacks society that seeks to impose a model of exclusionary, racist society are the very roots of who denied forever the release of our mestizo peoples, Afro-Venezuelan and indigenous” he said.
He also recalled the deal that gave the right to independence heroes as Ezequiel Zamora.
“They said those were communist ideas (those of Zamora by Liberate the slaves) who wanted to destroy society.Will seek the root of the same feelings and rationing of fascism today are the same, “said
Prior to meeting with the Head of State, members of the movement met with the National Coordinator of the GPP, Member and Vice President of the National Assembly, White Eekout, who expressed willingness dialog socialist bloc.
“The scenario for us is the dialogue while they want war and hatred. Differences We accept and believe in diversity,” he said. “We believe in socialism unit is only possible in diversity,” he stressed.