Teachers strike Panamanians hold awaiting government response

About 16 teachers union organizations began the work stoppage two weeks ago to demand a wage increase of $ 300; so far refused to miniestra by Lucy Molinar (Photo Archive)

The National Union of Educators of Panama (UNEP), which brings together 16 trade organizations said Wednesday that they will continue the strike began two weeks ago by the sector to demand better claims salariales.El reason for the measure is the lack of agreement with the portfolio holder, Lucy Molinar; who refuses to approval of $ 300 a salary of teachers, look where I proposed last February, a stepwise increase subject to an assessment of educators desempeño.Los submitted documents to the Ombudsman indicate where the bond announced by Molinae not appear within the professional payroll; but within an external evaluation; so consider it a engaño.Una of union spokespeople within the protest, Yadira Pino asked the officer which includes the alleged bonus payrolls within the payroll and thus would put an immediate end to the work stoppage docente.En that sense, education professionals state that the weekly evaluation to which they are subjected is not eliminated; but perfect and not condition the wage increase solicitan.Por hand, Molinar cataloged his proposal as an excuse not to be evaluated; statement to the respondents collectively as one of the sectors that is most evaluated for calidad.Varios leaders Veraguas Educators Association, involved in the strike, they requested a meeting with President-elect, Juan Carlos Varela; with the intention of ending the conflict.