Santiaguito Volcano erupts in Guatemala
The volcano, 2 thousand 500 meters high, is located in the department of Quetzaltenango, in the east (Photo Archive)

The Santiaguito volcano, located in the department of Quetzaltenang, west of Guatemala City, Friday entered into violent eruption columns of ash, forcing dozens of people to evacuate the surrounding area, officials said.
Sergio Cabanas, the Coordinator for Disaster Reduction (Conrad), said that with the increased activity of the volcano, 2 thousand 500 meters high, where columns higher than 8000 recorded 300 meters ashes, neighbors the El Faro decided to leave voluntarily.
For his part, the National Institute of Seismology, Volcanology, Meteorology and Hydrology (Insivumeh) reported that the thick ash columns completely cover the volcanic complex, while gas fluxes and high temperature pulverized material being deposited in the vicinity communities near the volcano ..
The volcanic material is spreading over an area of ​​at least 20 km around the volcano and can cause respiratory and eye problems for people and animals, and contaminate water sources, said the agency, so recommend that people do not return home until the colossus activity is completed. The ash can affect aviation.
Currently there are three active volcanoes in Guatemala: Santiaguito, Fuego and Pacaya latter two near the capital.Santiaguito volcano last eruption was recorded in September 2012, at which threw ash plumes that reached the thousand 200 meters high and covered much of the city of Quetzaltenango.
That same year, but in June, more than 10 thousand people were evacuated from the area surrounding the volcano Fuego, due to the violent eruptive activity recorded with fumaroles and languages ​​of ash that reached the 3000 meters high from its crater .