Police France persists in discriminatory treatment against foreign

Security forces still practice called Racist drift in the European country (Photo Archive)

According to a study on racist practices in France security agents discriminate against citizens of North African origin, for example, compared to other non-foreign ancestry.
Although President François Hollande said during his campaign that racism and discriminating would end in the country, the police continues to show racist attitudes towards the quality of a person and their physical features, even if it is black, says the survey by the Opinion Way company.
Those who originate from North Africa are a stronger treatment. Often they are victims of assaults and violent language, the survey indicates.
The sample shows that in recent years the government of Nicolas Sarkozy (2007-2012), the issue became so controversial that became part of Hollande’s campaign, which included in its government program to combat this problem.
In 2013, thousands of people marched in France against the “racist drift” after the insults against Justice Minister Christiane Taubira, the only black in the executive train.
One hundred humanitarian and trade unions through the streets of Paris to reject it.
However, 60 percent of respondents in this study believe that there is no progress to eradicate racism and discriminatory treatment of society, and especially of the police in the first two years of management Hollande.