Daily Archives: 9 mayo, 2014

Costa Ricans march striking teachers reach the Presidential Palace


Teachers took their demands to the headquarters of the Executive, on the first day of the newly sworn President Luis Guillermo Solís, demanding that the government fix the wage arrears. They were received by the Minister of Education, who promised to confront the problem.

These are the most expensive players that will be on the lawn of Brazil 2014


Athletes who make the highest ranking of the world cracks are part of Europe’s premier templates in Europe; and individual quality can be decisive in the performance of their teams in the World Cup.

FAO commitment to South-South cooperation to eradicate hunger in the region


The director general of the FAO, José Graziano da Silva, suggested that countries like Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile and Mexico, assuming the role of “big brothers” of the most backward nations in the region to combat hunger.

Southeast of Ukrainian independence referendum will be unknown to U.S.


The government of the United States (U.S.), considers that the independence referendum to proclaim Ukrainian Donetsk and Lugansk regions as People’s Republics are illegal and therefore the results of this consultation will not be respected by the U.S.

Boko Haram could free girls for Islamist prisoners


The Nigerian negotiator, Shehu Sani said the sect could pose the release of kidnapped since April 14, if the authorities allow the insurgents out of prison. Meanwhile, U.S. experts UK and looking for girls.

Nicaragua will resuming normal: Suspended red alert after earthquake activity


The Government of Nicaragua said that on Monday May 12 will begin classes in the six municipalities of Managua (capital) and Leon (northwest). The state security agencies will remain deployed to prevent any eventuality.

Interpol issues red notice in 190 countries against Salvadoran president


Uniformed exmandatario seek the Salvadoran Francisco Flores in 190 countries; your name and picture appear on the website of the international security agency indicating charges accused the authorities of his country.

Meeting of the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty ended without agreement


Román-Morey said the commission failed to agree on a set of recommendations for alleged lack of time, even if all States were prepared to negotiate an agreement on how to start the next conference of 2015.

Beijing accuses U.S. promote tension in the South China Sea


“We urge the United States (…) to act and speak with caution, to cease making irresponsible statements and work in more favorable to the maintenance of regional peace and stability sense,” said Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hua Chunying.

Music for All Festival promotes youth culture in Venezuela


The Ministry of Youth of Venezuela, is currently promoting the Festival Music for All National entered in the Festival as part of the Youth Mission which aims to promote the country’s culture in this sector of the population.