Fujimori knew of bribery to press for re-election in 2010

The dictator Alberto Fujimori knew who paid and how much they were paid for his campaign in the media said a witness in the trial of former president of Peru. (Photo: Arcvhivo)

The former Secretary of the National Intelligence Service of Peru (SIN), Matilde Pinchi said Friday that former President Alberto Fujimori, was aware of the diversion of money from the military to the INS for the purchase of editorial lines of television and media in the country, with the aim that these support their campaign by discrediting their opponents in 2000.
At trial the dictator Fujimori following the Fourth Liquidating Criminal Court of Lima (capital), the witness who was secretary of then presidential adviser Vladimiro Montesinos, said that this will was accountable Fujimori either in the SIN, in the Palace Government or by phone.
“It made accountability when the president went to Mr. Intelligence Service did submit what means were pulled for re-election, made her mind how much was paid and to whom paid,” said Pinchi, who also explained that Montesinos coordinated with consultants covers that would appear the next day in the tabloid, a day in the country known as chicha daily.
“Even the doctor (Montesinos) made the same headlines and communicated it to Mr. president, how he was going to leave, insulting people (opponents), a thing. Was all to promote the reelection of president,” he said.In late February, the anti-corruption prosecutor Peru, Cristian Salas, said the dictator Alberto Fujimori (1990-2000), ordered to divert about $ 150 million of state funds to finance his reelection campaign in 2000 through the media.
Fujimori is serving a 25 year sentence for the perpetration of 25 murders and two kidnappings during his administration (1990-2000), along with face lesser penalties for corruption offenses.
The witness Pinchi continue with his testimony at the next hearing scheduled for next Wednesday at the headquarters of the Special Operations Division of the Police, where the prison is located exmandatario.
Fujimori’s lawyer, William Castillo said Pinchi statements are “malevolent assumptions” and that his client’s followers were victims of “a disgusting persecution.”