Daily Archives: 7 mayo, 2014

Brazil embarks information campaign for Haitian migrants


Foreign Minister Luis Alberto Figueiredo said the Executive employs asylum policies, which for convenience gives job opportunities to foreigners. In the case of Haiti have increased the grants visas to enter the country legally.

The Ecuadorian cacao cloned its way into the market


The production of this variety of cacao quintupled between 2005 and 2013, according to official figures. The creator of CCN-51 was the Ecuadorian agricultural Homero Castro in 1965 who sought ways to combat pests that plagued traditional cocoa crops.

ECLAC proposes better coordination of productive sectors in Latin America


Considers that regional integration in productive sphere must go hand in hand with technological advances and the repositioning of the various actors in the contemporary economy.

Venezuela Iran reported to parliament insurrecional right plan


The ambassador, Amenothep Zambrano, explained the progress of the investigation headed by the Minister of Interior, Justice and Peace, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, pointing that there are financial and logistical links between the leaders of the terrorist attacks with U.S. businessmen.

Rain of fish stunned people of Sri Lanka


The phenomenon may have been the result of a rare meteorological process and initially results in a rotating column of air that acts as a vacuum cleaner, taking everything in its path.

Argentine users prioritize the use of social networks


The survey was administered to 46 percent of the total population of Argentina. Thus, social networks are located in the number one spot on the most used Internet content in that South American nation.

Employees fast food chains announced global strike


The May 15 unions demand a fair wage increase. In Japan 30 McDonald’s franchises in Brazil protest in five states and may be protests in Morocco in Casablanca and Rabat will be mobilized.

World Week of Africa Venezuela will be held in late May


Venezuela reached the ninth edition of the World Week of Africa, with a series of cultural activities inclined to the promotion and exchange of knowledge and learning about African culture. It will take place from 20 to 25 May in Caracas.

Hair: The opposition has not yet defined participation in the Truth Commission


“It’s been almost a month and have not yet nominated their representatives to the Truth Commission. (…) They tried to give long, not narrow the appointment of persons” that constitute the committee, said the chairman of the Assembly Nacional de Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello.

Please closing tables in polling stations in South Africa


Some schools have not closed their doors because I still find people in line to exercise their right to vote. According to the authorities of the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), there was a massive turnout of voters.