Final Results of elections in South Africa are expected Friday
The elections held in South Africa on Wednesday told with high popular participation (Photo: Reuters)

The final results of the general elections were held on Wednesday in South Africa will be presented on Friday; . reported as special envoy to that nation teleSUR, Xavier Aldekoa “All day long pacific was called to the polls; We’ve seen a lot of joy. As they discussed the vote count began slowly; starting tomorrow at noon and preliminary results for Friday’s final results will be, “said the envoy especial.De Similarly, Aldekoa reported that South Africa faces the challenge of reducing the gap between rich and poor in the coming years” 23 million blacks live on less than one dollar a day; that is the trojan horse that has the African Congress “Another point highlighted by the special envoy was the perception of South African people of corruption.” President Jacob Zuma is accused of spending $ 20 million from public coffers in remodeling your holiday; fact that he has refused and has justified as a security issue. “