Al Sisi: Nobody preclude bilateral cooperation between Egypt and Latin America
Al Sisi promises a government social stability and security (Photo Archive)

Egyptian presidential candidate Abdel Fattah Al Sisi said Wednesday in Cairo (capital) that “no one shall hinder” the links between the states of South America and Egypt, as well as bilateral cooperation.
In a meeting held by the officer candidate with several ambassadors of South American countries, reiterated that it will strengthen diplomatic agreements. The meeting is part of the first contacts of the presidential candidate with the region.
A statement issued by the advisers of the candidate’s election campaign, said that at the meeting the ambassadors of Cuba in Egypt, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Panama, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay and Colombia were present.
The text states that Al Sisi told diplomats that what happened after the coup of June 30 was a manifestation of the people to seek a change with the help of the army.
Al Sisi added that his electoral program aims to achieve security and stability and overall development in the country, in the context of true democracy.
Moreover, the former head of the Armed Forces said that the Army “is prepared to intervene in the national security of the Persian Gulf and in all parts of the Arab country, if security is in danger.”
Also said that if the nation is president of respect the peace agreement with Israel earlier. “There is a real chance for a peace that will give Palestinians hope.This will give rise to a lot of good things in the region, “he said.
On Monday, in the first televised interview, the presidential candidate and favorite among the Egyptians for the elections said that, if elected in the elections of 26 and 27 May, “there will be no Muslim Brotherhood” in the country.