Daily Archives: 7 mayo, 2014

Mexico on alert for heavy rainfall recorded in the Pacific


The government of the southern state of Guerrero, Mexico, this increased to prevent the possibility of strong pecipitaciones registered on the shores of the South Pacific. In September 2013, tropical storms and Ingrid Manuel shook the city, causing about 130 deaths.

Rigoberta Menchú could integrate Nobel Truth Commission in Venezuela


To strengthen the Truth Commission adopted the Venezuelan Parliament, the legislator Diosdado Cabello said the participation of some human rights defenders, help to find a solution to the violence facing the country by sectors of the right .

Jobs Panama Canal expansion still paralyzed


The extension is paralyzed since 23 April when Suntracs called an indefinite strike across the country demanding a wage increase of 20 percent over the $ 2.73 per hour charge and unskilled workers.

Venezuela rejects U.S. interference that seeks to break the dialogue in the country


For the Venezuelan government, with the recent statements by U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, the White House would be endorsing universities and burning food trucks, made widely rejected by the people of Venezuela.

Homeless Brazilian Workers alert by high rental costs


About five thousand Brazilian Itaquera from the neighborhood of Sao Paulo, began to occupy near Arena Corinthians, host the opening match of the World Cup 2014 Brazil land. Argue that the celebration of the world has been the cause of the increased rent .

Salvadoran police get arrest warrant against former President Flores


The former president is requested by the justice of the country due to embezzlement worth about $ 25 million donated by the government of Taiwan; being caught would face conviction for about 23 years.

Avian influenza H5N6 charges first human victim in China


The victim was a 49-year-old who was killed after having direct contact with a dead bird. The news off alarms in China and already operational prevention begin.

Al Sisi: Nobody preclude bilateral cooperation between Egypt and Latin America


In a meeting held by the Egyptian candidate, Abdel Fattah Al Sisi several ambassadors of South American countries, reiterated that it will strengthen diplomatic agreements with South American countries that have agreements with the Arab country of historical work together.

FAO: Climate Change in South America impact global food security


FAO conducted from Tuesday at the XXXIII Santiago Regional Conference for Latin America and the Caribbean, with the central aim of defining new measures to intensify the struggle for the eradication of hunger.

Final Results of elections in South Africa are expected Friday


The electoral body in that country reported massive participation of citizens. However, these indicators do not dismantle the apartheid wall, which marked an era of inequality that still remains in the country.