Daily Archives: 6 mayo, 2014

Morales invited to a summit of G77 leaders from Costa Rica


According to the deputy ambassador of Bolivia to the United Nations (UN), Ferreira Reymi to date at least 30 presidents have confirmed their participation in the G77 plus China Summit.

Ordered the arrest of Salvadoran president Francisco Flores


A week ago the Office of the country supported the charges against the former head of state. The injunction against Flores was presented before the Justice of the Peace of San Salvador (capital).

New attacks in Iraq leave 10 dead and over 20 injured


The terrorist attacks in Iraq in 2013 caused the death of 8000 868 people, of which 7000 were 818 civilians, according to figures provided by the United Nations.

Eight other girls were abducted in Nigeria


Catching minor was allegedly carried out by members of Boko Haram, who came armed to a town in northern Nigeria and without words taken away.

Southeastern Brazil presents water crisis within weeks of the World


The lack of rainfall in Sao Paulo “jeopardizes supply” to that city which is one of the most populated in the country, according to an expert environmentalist, as the water level of the reservoirs was reduced to 9.8 percent of their capacity.

Vatican has dismissed 884 clergy child molestation in the last decade


At the hearing for the second day at the UN Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s permanent representative international body, said the Holy See in the last ten years has investigated three thousand four hundred and twenty cases of sexual abuse.

Uruguayan Traders may not display cigarettes or tobacco


Uruguay Senate complied antismoking measures promoted by the Government of that country to ban the advertising display snuff and cigarettes in shops.

U.S. School apologizes for calling essay on the Holocaust


In a school in Los Angeles (southwest) to high school students argue about whether the Holocaust was a “purely political stunt designed to increase wealth,” which has no academic value for the Anti-Defamation League of the United States was requested.

Colombian candidate supports linking his campaign with espionage


Candidates for political partidio led by Alvaro Uribe, Oscar Zuluaga, acknowledged that Fernando Andrés Sepúlveda, captured Tuesday in office raided in northern Bogota, led the team of social networks and information security of his election campaign.

Living “pikes” raided in Bogota was used to sabotage peace talks


According to the attorney general, Eduardo Montealegre, from the office mailings press chief of the FARC in Havana, institutional and other government mail were intercepted. “He wanted to affect the peace process and acting against national security,” he said.