Daily Archives: 5 mayo, 2014

Continued discussion among Chileans around the Abortion Act


According to the National Women’s Service and the Ministry of Justice, the law that women avoid abortions are performed in specific cases, such as the impracticality of the fetus and rape are convicted.

Ministry of Communication rejects noted The New York Times on Venezuela


Information published by the American newspaper explains Minci presents facts that are focused on a single vision and context are not based only on figures supplied by the right sectors that promoted violence in the South American nation.

Brahimi UN denies resignation as a mediator in Syria


In response to rumors sparked by the alleged resignation of mediator of the crisis in Syria, Lakhdar Brahimi, the UN said that the Algerian excanciler offer its balance management next week being the Security Council of the international organization.

Italian artists display their photo Cuban city of Cienfuegos


The artists of Italian origin prism overlook the tourist cities and promote the unity of its people. The exhibition is named “Intimate Geographies” and includes the step of photographers Thailand, India, Mexico, Canada, Israel and the Italian capital.

Al Sisi ensures that the Muslim Brotherhood will dissolve if elected


The former defense minister and leader of the overthrow of President Mohamed Mursi, the Muslim Brotherhood accused of using terror groups in Sinai to block the area and consider confronting Egyptian society in an inevitable war.

Santos boost powers reform to review Attorney


The President said that if re-elected to the Presidency, will drive the reform process. “Yeah, well, you can do and I would agree to,” he said when asked about the matter.

In pictures: Hero Cuban Rene Gonzalez during his visit to Venezuela


The Cuban antiterrorist Rene Gonzalez conducted a schedule various paints in the Venezuelan capital. It made a wreath at Simon Bolivar, received the keys to the city, visited the headquarters of the Mountain and City housing complex Bors.

Hollande says the economic recovery will soon reach France


Despite the low approval rating of the French President François Hollande says budget cuts promoted by the Government, will answer many of the needs of its people.

Uruguay will call the industrial production of marijuana in 15 days


The areas where the culture was initiated located in the metropolitan area that includes Montevideo, Canelones and San José (south). The National Drugs expected to occur in the country between 4 or 5 tons of cannabis in the first year.

About 100 brigade support reconstruction Guayaramerín in Bolivia


President Evo Morales on Monday launched the Temporary Employment Program (PET) to recruit 3000 people to repair the damage caused by the rains in Guatyaramerín. The 100 Brigade begin the first phase cleanup operations infrastructure.