Daily Archives: 4 mayo, 2014

Evo Morales exceeds 70% approval in Bolivia


The president, according to pollsters, reached one of the highest levels of popular approval, with 73 percent. In Santa Cruz, the main bastion of political opposition to the President, it recorded an increase of six percentage points from February.

Panamanian electoral process was developed completely normal


The presiding judge of the Electoral Tribunal, Erasmo Pinilla said that election day took place in the nation was developed with complete normality. “We had an election in peace and hope all ends well.” He also referred to the issue of the unofficial trend that will be released by the Electoral Tribunal in the evening

Vietnamese Deputy Minister up to Venezuela to strengthen bilateral ties


In order to deepen strategic cooperation Venezuela Vietnam is a multisectoral meeting in which the status of major joint projects in the sectors is reviewed: energy, agriculture, aquaculture, electrical, industrial and commercial.

Sign unofficial election results transmission in Panama


Nearly 2.5 million Panamanians have been called to the polls to elect the president and vice president for the period 2014-2019, 71 members of the National Assembly, 20 members of the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), along with hundreds of municipal offices.

Haitian authorities investigate accident that left 23 dead


Sources of emergency services in Haiti indicated that proceeded to investigate a truck accident. The local Civil Protection Office said 18 people were killed instantly when five were transported to the hospital, for a total of 23 deaths so far.

Cuban antiterrorist Rene Gonzalez will visit Venezuela


It will be at the City Bors housing complex to mark the third anniversary of the Mission House; social program promoted by Commander Chavez to ensure decent homes to all Venezuelans.

Please closing tables in general elections Panama


The closure of stations was carried out as planned the Electoral Tribunal of Panama. A general election was called almost 2.5 million Panamanians to elect new officials including the President and Vice President are included.

Russia denounces media blackout on situation in Ukraine


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia issued a statement which says that Western media have silenced the slaughter occurred in Odessa and in the southeastern region of that nation; immersed in a political crisis.

The NBA already preparing the forced sale of the Clippers


The league announced that he will appoint an executive director for the franchise and I were meeting to force the sale to Donald Sterling

First results will be available after the closing half hour tables in Panama


The servers open at 16H30 (21H30 GMT) half an hour after they are closed voting stations. President of the Electoral Tribunal of Panama said that it is forbidden to declare or proclaim any winner with the first results.