Vatican admits need to change methods to address pedophilia
The board considers necessary to develop clear and effective protocols to combat pedophilia (Photo: RT)

The Commission for the Protection of Children, an advisory board created by the Vatican, proposed on Saturday in their first meeting, bishops and other church authorities accountable if they do not report suspected or sexual abuse, and to protect children from pedophile priests.
“We have adopted the principle that the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult is a priority when taking any decision,” he said in a statement the eight experts from the Irish commission, including sexually abused Marie Collins, after the first meeting.
The board said that current laws need to be updated and indicated the need for clear and effective protocols to combat pedophilia. “There will be no tolerance towards perpetrators and crimes, nor to those who neglected to show them,” said the cardinal of Boston, SeanO’Malley.
Marie Collins, abused in his youth by a priest, said to feel “very positive perception” regarding the issue of the responsibility of the perpetrators of these crimes.
“There has been progress. In my diocese (in Ireland) have created very aggressive protocols to prevent abuses from recurring. We have a very clear idea of ​​where we want to go,” he said.The commission consists Marie Collins Irish Cardinal Sean O’Malley of Boston, Argentine theologian Miguel Yanez, child psychiatrist Catherine Bonnet French, British psychiatrist Sheila Hollins, the former head of the Polish government Hanna Suchocka, the Italian lawyer Claudio Papale and Father Hans Zollner, a Jesuit German psychotherapist.
“The statutes present specific proposals that emphasize awareness of the public about the tragic consequences of sexual abuse and the devastating repercussions of not listening or did not report when abuse is suspected, as well as the lack of support for victims of sexual abuse and their families, “the final communiqué.
On January 18 last, the Vatican spokesman, Federico Lombardi, reported that the religious institution has expelled 400 sacerdortes in recent years to the many complaints they have received for alleged sexual abuse of children.
“In 2012 were about 100, while in 2011 was around 300. Few were subject to disciplinary proceedings, other made to order,” said the representative of the Catholic Church, who made notes dating from the period of Pope Benedict XVI, when they started research more than 400 thousand priests who have worldwide.