Uruguay and Venezuela have the highest real per capita income in the region

Uruguay tops the list of Latin American countries in terms of actual pr capita income averaging $ 343 17 000 (Photo Archive)

The International Comparison Program (ICP for short) of the World Bank presented Thursday explained that Venezuela and Uruguay are the countries with the largest amount of real income per habitante.En that sense, the parameter measuring power parity (PPP), Uruguay increased to 17 thousand 343 U.S. dollars; while Venezuela reported a total of 16 thousand 377 Panama dólares.Seguidos here lie in fourth place with 15 thousand 369 U.S. dollars; then Brazil with 14 thousand 369 dollars.The International Comparison Program brings together 199 countries and has the support of international bodies like the United Nations (UN) and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development; designed to measure the ability of purchasing power across countries depending on different monedas.Según previous balance figures presented in 2005; when about 146 países.De match Uruguay, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama and Brazil report were measured are the countries with the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) highest per capita in the region; while Haiti, Nicaragua, Honduras and Bolivia are located in the ranks more bajos.Sobre this point, the situation reported on Thursday that detailed in goods and services a deal valued at $ 90 billion figure was reached, and nearly half of production came from countries with low and middle incomes.As the price level in each country; acceptable average is valued at 100; so any amount above reveals prices above the standard intentional; while any less than three digit figure translates into economies less costosas.Bajo these parameters, Switzerland, Norway, Bermuda, Australia and Denmark are the most expensive in the world with levels ranging between 210 and 185. Regarding Latin America, Brazil Uruguay has 165 and has 105; while Venezuela and Mexico are below the international average of 84 and 79; respectively.