Regional peasant association binds the agricultural strike in Colombia
The leader of the ACVC, said the government failed to comply with the commitments agreed with the Association (Photo: Vanguardia)

The Peasant Association Scimitar River Valley (ACVC), winners of the National Peace Prize, announced that the national agrarian strike that exigue social demands so far have not been addressed joins.
“We are conducting information meetings in the municipalities of southern Bolivar, Antioquia and Santander, to announce to members who join us from the agricultural strike May 5,” said Álvaro Manzano group leader.
He said the National Government led by Juan Manuel Santos, failed to comply with the commitments agreed with the association, “so we will join the farmers is concentrated in the site Lizama, in the department of Santander.”
Agricultural dignities leader movement, César Pachon, reiterated on Sunday that the government breached the entire country, after the arrest of 2013, after which he undertook to solve the problems of the peasant sector.
Around 100 thousand Colombian peasants heeded the call again agrarian strike conducted Monday with mass mobilizations in departments such as Boyacá, Santander, Norte de Santander, Casanare, Cundinamarca, Huila, Tolima, Caquetá, Meta and Cauca; to require the State to fulfill the commitments made during the negotiations held between August and September 2013.”They were treated the (claims for) high input costs, fuel, fertilizers and pesticides, the emergence of mining and environmental damage; debts public and private banks, and the Free Trade” claimed the agrarian leader.
After the breakdown of negotiations between the farmers and the Colombian government, the committees of both sides resume the negotiating table on Monday as agrarian strike up its sixth day.
The Peasant Association Scimitar River Valley, was awarded the National Peace Prize in 2010, awarded by the United Nations Program for Development (UNDP), and other national institutions. It has a base of 25 thousand peasant population, and promote sustainable development of the communities in the Peasant Reserve Zone in the Middle Magdalena.