Raul Castro Sends Message to American labor leaders

Cuban President sent a letter that was read to attendees. (Photo Archive)

Cuba’s President Raul Castro sent a message to the participants of the VI Meeting of Association Americas in which he emphasized that “our region is not the same as a decade ago.”
In that order, said that now “important economic and sociopolitical transformations are produced, while advancing integration processes, based on respect for unity within the diversity of the nation.”
The letter was read to the union than thirty countries by Politburo member and vice president of the State Council, Salvador Valdes Mesa.
The Cuban president also stressed in his text the potential role of the trade union movement and workers in the current international scenario.
He stated that during these years the Association Meeting Americas has contributed to the unity and strengthening of trade unions in Latin America and the Caribbean.
In that order, said Cuba was immersed in the process of updating the economic model for the construction of a socialist, prosperous and sustainable society in which the people and their workers are the real protagonists.
While thanking the countless expressions of solidarity with the Cuban Revolution represented organizations and movements have expressed over the years.The Sixth Meeting of Association Our America (ESNA) taking place at the headquarters of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC), on days 3 and 4 May, 455 trade unionists from 30 countries, representing 181 participating organizations.
This Sunday the delegates will meet in plenary to continue these discussions.