Kiev begins military operation in port city of Mariupol
The information was released by the RT portal. Picture for reference. (Photo: Reuters)

The news portal reported that RT Ukrainian special forces have launched an operation in the port city of Mariupol.
The note said means detailing these occurs while in the central square have gathered nearly 300 civilians willing to resist the attackers.
“Several units of the special troops already in the town center,” he told the Russian news agency Interfax a spokesman for the AUC.
In that order, held that “largely have been deployed in yards and from there open fire warning.”
According to the website, a column with ski masks and camouflage unmarked mugs right now the City Hall of Mariupol.
“Everything there is on fire. Acts armored machinery,” said the spokesman of the militias.
The caller also warned of an ultimatum from attackers to defenders threatened Hall with open fire at will.
This Saturday, the Ministry of Interior of Ukraine confirmed that 46 people have died and 200 were injured in the Ukrainian city of Odessa (south) as a result of a fire in the home unions.
The building was intentionally burned by the Ukrainian far-right groups.