Candidates keep alive Panamanian election campaign in social networks
In all, seven candidates are measured to the Presidency of Panama. (Photo Archive)

In the pre-development of the general elections in Panama hours, candidates who face the Presidency keep alive the campaign through various social networks, Twitter and Facebook, make up the most widely used for this purpose. Applicants published daily movements, activities in which they participate and, in most, the minute are supported with photographs.
Jose Domingo Arias is the official candidate, and former Minister of Housing 50. He promises to continue the big investment projects in infrastructure present government of Panama.
Due dlel World Freedom Day Press, posted on her “On World Press Freedom I reaffirm my commitment to freedom of expression of everyone.” He later posted a picture of his attendance at mass convened by the Ecumenical Committee Panamanian Episcopal Conference and the Commission for Justice and Peace, in which most of the candidates agreed.

Along with Aimée, participating in the Mass for peace, unity and respect among all Panamanians.
– José Domingo Arias (@ JDAriasV) May 3, 2014
Juan Carlos Navarro is the candidate of the center-left Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD). He was mayor of Panama City for a decade until 2009.
Did the same in his account and said that “For a strong democracy, defend all freedom of the press and the right to information.”He later posted a link to your Facebook with pictures about the different campaigns that developed in the nation.

These are some of the moments we lived together in # CaminoAlaVictoria of which you have been a part.
– Juan Carlos Navarro (@ juancanavarro) May 3, 2014
Juan Carlos Varela is the Conservative candidate Panamanian Party. It is also the current vice president of the country, but its relations with Martinelli are broken since 2011, after the president deposed chancellor.

Press freedom and freedom of expression are essential to democracy # Panama / kiLaizTGYZ
– Juan Carlos Varela (@ JC_Varela) May 3, 2014
This is the last tweet posted on his social network account.
The candidate Juan Jované, economist and social activist is free presidential candidate nomination. No content published his account of the social network since May 2. One of the tweets published to this day that highlighted his presidential campaign.

Much was our campaign? thousands of hours of volunteer artists, programmers, musicians, etc, and lots heart
– Juan Jované (@ JuanJovaneDePuy) May 2, 2014
The candidate Genaro López is a worker, labor leader and political Panama. Her presidential bid is supported by the Broad Front for Democracy.The last tweet on his Twitter account invited the participation of citizens in the general elections to be held this Sunday.

The polling stations open tomorrow at 7:00 am and close at 4:00 pm
– Genaro R. Lopez (@ GenaroLopez26) May 3, 2014
Esteban Rodriguez, independent presidential candidate, is popularly known by the carrier guild leader. It has an account on the social network, but is not verified. In it, the last movements to correspond to RT aOther accounts. Last February he published the last message on his own account.

Happy day of love and friendship through a day full of blessings along with more q personass love us
– Esteban Rodriguez (@ EstebanR2014) February 14, 2014
Gerardo Barroso is also a candidate for the Presidency of Panama independent. Your account is not verified and does not have followers to take it for official so it was not added in this paper sufficient.