Daily Archives: 3 mayo, 2014

Lula Da Silva will work in Dilma Rousseff campaign


The owner of PT recalled that the party’s policy of Lula orientation ahead of elections and said that “if he wants to go to committee and stay there day there is no problem: it is now the commanding general.”

PHOTOS: Cuban people fired Juan Formell


Numerous figures of Cuban culture have gone to the funeral services of the founder and director for more than four decades of the legendary band Los Van Van, who lost his life at 71 years old.

Regional peasant association binds the agricultural strike in Colombia


Al agricultural strike, this Saturday up to its sixth day, joins the Peasant Association Scimitar River Valley, with regional seat. The group has a base population of 25 thousand farmers settled in the Peasant Reserve Zone in the Middle Magdalena.

Kiev begins military operation in port city of Mariupol


As this occurs, in the central square have gathered nearly 300 civilians willing to resist the attackers, detailed the RT website.

Ban Ki-moon called death investigation in Odessa


In this order the chief diplomat of the European Union, Catherine Ashton, who asked the two parties to the conflict are contained Ukrainian to seek a diplomatic solution is also attached.

Raul Castro Sends Message to American labor leaders


The Cuban president said the island is immersed in the process of updating the economic model for the construction of a socialist, prosperous and sustainable society in which the people and their workers are the real protagonists.

Vatican admits need to change methods to address pedophilia


At the first meeting carried out by the Commission for the Protection of Children, an advisory board created by the Vatican, recognized the need to hold accountable those who fail to report suspected abuse or sexual.

Candidates keep alive Panamanian election campaign in social networks


teleSUR gives an overview of the presence of the various candidates for President of Panama in Twitter, the most direct way to interact with their constituents hours before the general election in this nation develop.

Uruguay and Venezuela have the highest real per capita income in the region


Official figures detailing the governments of both countries outperformed Mexico thanks to policies that allowed inclusion overcome economic crisis 80s.

Young Salvadorans require decriminalize marijuana


Young people marching and calling for the decriminalization of possession and cultivation of marijuana, currently punishable by the laws of that Central American country. Concentrated in the center of the capital using vesitmentas representative plant and banners with messages to their demands.