Ukraine destroys Geneva agreement after military operation in Slaviansk

Thursday toppled pro-Russian Ukrainian Army two helicopters, in the city of Slaviansk. (Photo: Reuters)

After the military deployment executed Friday in the city of Slaviansk, east of Ukraine “Kiev authorities really destroyed the last hope of implementing the Geneva agreements,” said Dmitri Peskov, presidential spokesman.
“In fact, while Russia is making efforts to reduce the escalating conflict and resolve it, went to Kiev use of warplanes against Ukrainian towns and launched a special operation, effectively destroying the last hope for the viability of agreements Geneva, “Peskov said.
Kremlin spokesman (presidential office), the self-proclaimed Kiev authorities will inevitably have to take responsibility for the decision to conduct the military operation in southeastern Ukraine, to their own people.
On April 17 Russia, Ukraine, United States and the European Union (EU) reached an agreement to try to clear the Ukrainian crisis, phased disarmament of illegal armed groups as a first step.
Scale operation
In Slaviansk, Friday began a military operation on a large scale by the detachments sent from Kiev. Both the Land Forces as aviation opened fire in urban areas.
A model helicopter Mi-24 was shot down by the AUC. Another helicopter hit by gunfire, crash landed on the outskirts of the city.The Russian news agency Itar-Tass reported that the large-scale operation in Slaviansk Army killed at least three fatalities, two pilots of the Air Forces of Ukraine and an agent of the self.
Participation of foreign
Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that the operation performed by the Ukrainian Army Slaviansk could hear soldiers speaking in English, which evidence the participation of foreigners in it.
The message of the ministry was issued shortly after a senior member of the AUC told the Russian news agency RIA Novosti that maintained radio communications between the Ukrainian military could hear the language on “several occasions”.
He noted that it is “clear evidence of the involvement of foreigners in punitive action against Slaviansk”.