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Predicted ANC victory in general elections in South Africa


The next parliamentary elections scheduled for May 7, 2014, will be the first in the history of South Africa that people living outside their country can exercise their right to vote.

Sanchez Ceren: Chávez showed that popular struggle can govern


The President of El Salvador, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, highlighted the legacy of solidarity and commitment to the poorest in Latin America left the Bolivarian leader Hugo Chavez.

First detected coronavirus infected MERS in U.S.


The patient traveled to Saudi Arabia, London and Chicago; was learned that working in medical and presented symptoms of infection Coronavirus MERS April 27. Somo unknown coronavirus was infected MERS.

Tests dengue vaccine in Asia give good results


The last phase of the research was applied to about 10 thousand people from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia. Thus, the vaccine was positive in 56 percent could stop the terrible disease worldwide.

Advocate harsher penalties against discrimination in France


More than half of the French describe as inadequate government policies against discrimination and require higher penalties to end this scourge which affects mainly in employment and housing.

Colombian government and peasant resume dialogue


The dialogue between the farmers and the Colombian government broke last Wednesday, after the divergence between the two parties. Sunday is expected to the dialogue table, where the peasantry exigue the fulfillment of the promises and the government that used peaceful means be resumed.

Haiti and the Dominican again postpone meeting by immigration issue


In a statement the Dominican President said that the meeting was scheduled for May 6, will be held two days later, at the request of the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Elias Jaua in the Haitian capital. Both countries focus dialogue on trade and immigration.

Chespirito reappears and says he is in good health


The Mexican comedian reappeared Friday via his Twitter account to confirm his followers is good, quiet and typing at home in Cancun (southeast). He denied that he has admitted to a hospital as reported by some media.

PHOTOS: So Sanchez Ceren visit Venezuela develops


El Salvadoran president, still taking functions, is located in Venezuelan territory from Thursday night to deal with his counterpart, Nicolas Maduro, several issues related to the agenda of bilateral cooperation.

They ask for food prices to increase childhood obesity in Chile


23 percent of Chilean children suffering from childhood obesity, seeking a rate decrease with a bill which is increased by 30 percent in salt and sugar rich foods.