Uruguay will ban cigarette advertising and display in stores

The initiative will be presented by the Ministry of Health before the Senate Chamber was the result of an agreement ratified by Uruguay to the World Health Organization (Photo Archive)

The Ministry of Public Health of Uruguay pushes a legislative initiative to ban cigarette advertising; and display their boxes in different shops where they are distributed, according to press reports local.Esta proposal will be submitted to the Senate next Tuesday; where the official bloc Frente Amplio has the parliamentary majority; then be sent to the House of Representatives for its aprobación.Sobre this point, the Public Health Minister, Susana Muñiz, said that the objective of the amendment to Article 7 of the Law of Snuff is “continuing the decline in consumption of snuff especially in young people. “Muñiz said that Uruguay leads the region in terms of initiatives to reduce consumption of snuff in the region, however, it is” necessary to take other actions to strengthen these state policies. “The reason for the initiative of the Ministry Public Health is based on “various studies worldwide indicate that when there is no advertising of snuff, much consumption falls primarily on young people” as stated by the head of the ministry.
This legislative proposal was the result of an agreement ratified by the government of Uruguay to the World Health Organization (WHO).
The Tobacco Control Act enacted in 2008 restricted smoking in enclosed public spaces; and limit advertising that encourages activity on media.