Putin proposes Merkel Ukrainian troops withdrawal from the Southeast

Russian President Vladimir Putin called for an end to violence and the initiation of a process of national dialogue to resolve the crisis after the Ukrainian recente coup. (Photo Archive)

Russian President Vladimir Putin proposed on Thursday to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the withdrawal of the Ukrainian Army is in the southeast of the country; and the end of violence and the initiation of a process of national dialogue to resolve the Ukrainian crisis after the coup that established the current de facto government of Alexander Turchinov.
The request was made by the Russian dignitary through a telephone conversation held on Thursday with the German diplomat, who has expressed the need to withdraw from the southeastern Ukraine all military units and a national dialogue to open in the country under the constitutional reform process, and involving all regions and political forces in Ukraine.
Meanwhile Merkel called on Putin helps to secure the release of European military observers (three German, Polish, Danish and Czech, as well as a German interpreter), which were retained by defendants pro-Russian militias of spying for the Organization North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).
However, minutes later the pro-Russian militias city Slaviansk (southeastern Ukraine) announced that they had released two of the officers who were kidnapped.
A German government spokesman, Christiane Wirtz, confirmed that the conversation centered on the issue of observers when they were arrested mission of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).”Have also spoken of the importance of the elections of May 25 in Ukraine, crucial for the stability of the country,” said Wirtz, who recalled that Putin and Merkel have already held six telephone conversations on the Ukrainian crisis in the past two months, they agreed call back soon.
Russian President Vladimir Putin and British Prime Minister David Cameron held talks on Wednesday and insisted on resolving the crisis in Ukraine through peaceful means.
In this context, the Russian president emphasized the importance of the de facto government of Ukraine to apply as soon as possible agreements in Geneva (Switzerland), since in this way would ease tensions and find a way out.