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I met Chavez reader


The Commander of Dreams read on a variety of topics: science, literature, politics, philosophy, religion. Sometimes findings was echoing always remain in memory, a letter to a love, a letter from his daughters, a couple of pictures as bookmarks.

Venezuelan President rejects the “insolent interference” U.S.


The president of Venezuela, said the death was planned from Otaiza Miami (southern U.S.) and castigated the press for publishing the Venezuelan bourgeoisie “square” information to mislead the public that this was a victim of violence.

Maduro with the working class: A minority insists on imposing violence


The head of state insisted that “no one can claim to impose violence that by chaining a series of violent events fill seeking chaos to society and end the Revolution.”

Develop new treatment against HIV in Argentina


With fewer side effects, Argentine researchers working to ensure a better quality of life for HIV patients. The method involves an improvement without the need to be subjected to conventional treatments.

Chilean workers marching in their day in support Bachelet and amendments


Police sources detailing that ten thousand people came to the event; while mobilizing organizers say the number was much higher.

Human rights defenders denouncing attacks on 250 migrants detained in Mexico


In a joint operation between the National Institute for Migration and the Federal Police of Mexico, 250 Central American migrants were arrested. Human Rights Defenders in the country reported that migrants were victims of beatings and assault by the authorities.

New wave of African migrants risk their lives in Melilla


Shouting Freedom 500 sub-Saharan migrants forced entry enclave border with Morocco, about 140 of them managed to penetrate Iberian soil, while others were trapped over the fence and stayed there for more than six hours.

Log international craft fair in Mexico


Profits collected will go to the maintenance and equipment of the National Institute for Research and Development Artisan Design will offer training courses, updating and design to all the craftsmen who request

Panamanian workers claims require the next president


In commemoration of International Workers Day, Panamanians marched to demand better wages next president, addressing inequalities, poverty and the high cost of living. May 4th will be elected the new president of the Central American country.

Portuguese protest against cuts Labor Day


The traditional celebration of May 1st became Portugal in a demonstration against the economic policy pursued by the government of Cavaco Silva, in exchange for the funds of the Troika. VAT increase and wage contributions to Social Security are the new measures.