Increases number of suicides in UK prisons
The study indicates that in 2013 the number of deaths rose 71 percent (Photo Archive)

The number of suicides in the UK prisons rose 71 percent on year, according to a recent study the number keeps rising.
According to data published by the Ombudsman in prisons, Nigel Newcomen, in 2013 89 suicides occurred in British criminal, compared to 52 that were recorded in 2012.
Following the introduction of the Evaluation Plan of Care Custody and Teamwork (ACCT, for its acronym in English), deaths have increased in recent months. Newcomen attributes the increase to the personal crisis, despair of the inmates and the state’s inability to protect their lives.
This is evidenced by the results of the study, since by employees of deaths indicate that the ACCT does not pay sufficient attention to vulnerable prisoners.
Newcomen emphasized that this study points to a prison crisis, because after a decade of operation, the ACCT has not prevented suicides and deaths continue to increase.
In 2013, the Ministry of Justice in the UK published a report which shows that there were 70 suicides in prisons in England and Wales, the highest rate since 2008. Alarming figure when compared to the prison population in Britain at the close 2013 stood at over 84 thousand people.