Flags “painted” the May 1 march in El Salvador

Salvadorans took to the streets on behalf of the South American peoples to commemorate May Day (Photo: @ sanchezceren)

Unions, students, NGOs and El Salvador took to the streets of San Salvador (capital) to celebrate the May 1, International Workers Day.
Mobilization dressed with South American tricolor and some chose to bless the fly with religious images. Meanwhile, other figures led alluding to politics.

President-elect Salvador Sanchez Ceren, participated in the mobilization came to the Plaza Las Americas. From there, sent an encouraging message to the Salvadoran working class, his government will continue dignifying.

Attend with great interest the issue of pensions, in order to protect the savings of the working class.
– Salvador Sánchez C. (@ sanchezceren) May 1, 2014

We will state money based on the Salvadoran people and not our public officials.
– Salvador Sánchez C. (@ sanchezceren) May 1, 2014
Sanchez Ceren reaffirmed its commitment to the Salvadoran people to develop an economic and social model with the workers for the country’s growth.
The president-elect said that his government will transform Salvadoran society creating revolutionary consciousness and empowering the people. He also assured the workers that fight alongside them to achieve freedom.

We will ensure our workers freedom of association. pic.twitter.com/pUMsG7fbdt
– Salvador Sánchez C.(@ Sanchezceren) May 1, 2014

Our admiration and respect for the working class, its strength is the key to building El Salvador we want.
– Salvador Sánchez C. (@ sanchezceren) May 1, 2014
On this day the working class struggle remembers The Martyrs of Chicago, which in 1886 staged a strike for a working day of 8 hours per day, prompting a bloody police repression that lasted 4 days in that U.S. city.
In honor of these people on May Day and Labor Day was declared in 1889, but this event is not held in the United States or Canada.