Brazilian President branded as backward and intolerant racist
The president emphasized that his government will support the fight against racial prejudice (Photo Archive)

The president of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, said Thursday as he turned a visit to the state Bahia (a thousand 500 km from Brasilia, Brazil’s capital), that racist people are more “backward” than those that do not discriminate against others because of their color skin.
“What sets us apart is the level of tolerance and degree of intolerance that we have toward one another. Some are indeed more backward. Those who discriminate are neighbor by the color of their skin,” Rousseff wrote in a message posted on his account of the social network twitter.
He said that the Brazilian government will push for the World Cup, which starts in 44 days, whose flag the fight against racial prejudice, adding that even the pope Francisco promised support for the initiative.
The Brazilian president said the Pope sent a message against racism to be read before the opening game of the World Cup, scheduled for June 12 between host Brazil and Croatia.
The President said his visit Thursday to Bahia, the state with the largest black population of Brazil, allowed him to strengthen his pride in the ethnic and cultural diversity of the country, and reiterated his support for the players who are starring in a campaign racism worldwide.
“The response from our athletes the prejudice they face, such as Daniel Alves, is a sign of our strength. We can not fail to affirm the strength of our origins, of our Afro, Indian and white blood,” he said.The Brazilian ate a banana Sunday that gave him a spectator during a match of FC Barcelona against Villarreal and his attitude has created a global campaign against racism.