Bomb explosion left at least 16 dead in Nigeria
The site of the explosion on Wednesday was the same as the attack of 14 April; where about 75 people were killed (Photo Archive)

Official sources quoted by the AFP news agency reported the bomb explosion in Abuja, capital of Nigeria, near a transit station; where on 14 April, a similar attack left a toll of 75 people fallecidas.Ishaya Chonoko, an official of the National Agency for Emergencies; if there are no confirmed fatalities. Meanwhile, Reuters quoted delevento witnesses, who have ensured that at least 16 people were killed.
Witnesses reviewed by various international news agencies say near the site of the explosion could be seen at least 20 bodies of victims.
Until now any criminal or terrorist organization has been responsible for the incident. In that sense, the explosion of April 14 was recognized by the Islamist group Boko Aram, as outlined international media.
So on Tuesday, the efforts by the Nigerian authorities to recover more than 200 students abducted by the Boko Haram group have offered positive results.