Daily Archives: 1 mayo, 2014

President-elect of El Salvador traveled to Venezuela to meet with Maduro


The arrival of President of El Salvador, Salvador Sanchez Ceren, Caracas (Caracas), is scheduled for the evening hours of Thursday where he will be received by the authorities.

Putin proposes Merkel Ukrainian troops withdrawal from the Southeast


The proposal was made by the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who called for an end to violence and the initiation of a process of national dialogue to resolve the Ukrainian crisis after the recent coup.

Increases number of suicides in UK prisons


Defending Citizen in prisons, Nigel Newcomen, increased deaths attributed to personal crisis, despair of prisoners and the inability of the state to safeguard the most vulnerable.

Workers sealed their commitment to the Bolivarian Revolution from Cuba


The streets of Havana wore full of workers, who once again sealed their commitment to the Bolivarian Revolution and integration programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Bomb explosion left at least 16 dead in Nigeria


The National Agency for Emergencies investigates the facts related to the explosion; that would have occurred at 1900 GMT in Abuja, capital of the African nation.

Ana Pérez Nordelo Letter to his cousin Gerardo Hernández


(…) The Five prison offends the Justice and offends humanity, and to redress both offenses, fight, and fight many thousands of people in the world, until the Five, ALL, and can be released return to Cuba.

Uruguay will ban cigarette advertising and display in stores


The aim is to reform the current Article 7 of the Law of Snuff, to force sellers to only display a list of available brands and their prices.

Flags “painted” the May 1 march in El Salvador


President-elect Salvador Sanchez Ceren, reaffirmed its commitment to the Salvadoran people to develop an economic and social model with the workers for the country’s growth.

Brazilian President branded as backward and intolerant racist


The president expressed his rejection of practicing racism and intorelancia. He said during his visit to the state of the country’s largest black population, the Brazilian government will make it possible for the World Cup, which starts in 44 days, whose flag the fight against racial prejudice.