Monthly Archives: abril 2014

Uruguayan government interested in gender achievements in Venezuela

The deputy director of the National Institute for Women of Uruguay, Alicia Macarena, toured spaces Comprehensive Care Center and Training of Women in Caracas, in order to assess the social policies running the Mission Madres del Barrio.

Scientists create microchips that mimic the human brain

The new microchip is nine thousand times faster than a computer and uses less energy. This new invention opens new frontiers in robotics and computer science.

Expected in Uruguay by regulations for new crops of marijuana

Growers and cannabis clubs representatives stressed that this crop is historic for the nation, so they are eager to bring the legal marijuana market by way of sale regulated legally established.

Survey reveals high rate of abstinence in U.S. Senate race

The results of the survey show the discontent of young people with the administration of President Barack Obama; done so derived policy on the participation rates for the elections of November.

Egyptian court sentences 53 protesters to six years in prison

The announcement of the sentence to six years in prison to 53 protesters, one day is after the same Egyptian court sentenced 680 people to death of the Muslim Brotherhood, including their spiritual leader, Mohamed Badie.

Chancellor Jaua: Venezuela ensure peace unconditioned sovereignty

The Venezuelan government denounced the threat launched from the U.S. State Department to interfere in the political dialogue between the government of President Nicolas Maduro and the opposition.

Muscle injuries are regenerated with pig membranes

The research marks the beginning of great advances in regenerative medicine. Thanks to a thin membrane of a pig’s bladder, muscle specialists could heal wounds that had no improvement with common treatments.

UN condemns terrorist attacks in Syria

For the secretary general of the United Nations (UN), Ban Ki-moon, the violent events that affect people of Syria, has become the biggest problem for President Bashar al Assad.

Spaniards hold mass protest against unemployment in Catalonia

Spanish unions and social movements in Catalonia (northeast) peacefully and focus simultaneously on all empelo offices in the region to protest against cuts and demanding policies to revive the economy.

Alert: Every day increases disease resistance to antibiotics

A study of 114 countries found that people do not react to antibiotics because bacteria that cause common infections as diarrhea, pneumonia, gonorea, septicemia among others, evade the neutralizing property.