Panama’s Luis Renteria footballer dies of respiratory failure product
The Panamanian footballer Luis Renteria was battling Lupus for several months. (Photo Archive)

Panama’s Luis Renteria footballer, who played with teams of Colombia and Bolivia, Thursday victim died of respiratory failure after several months internship in a hospital battling Lupus, local Taurus team, belonging to the front.
“Tauro FC regrets the death of Luis Gabriel Renteria,” Tauro said in a statement detailing the “broken networks”, 25, passed away early Thursday.
“Taurine family is in mourning after the death end of the two-time champion and he got tired of giving joy to all who make up this family,” says the Taurus.
Excompañeros front in the selection have also expressed their sadness through social networks, such as international defender Carlos Rodriguez. “The national football mourning the loss of a major national player. Luis Renteria, always remember you. ”
The death of Renteria, known as the “matagatos” comes after he was hospitalized for more than 6 months in a hospital in Panama City “struggling with systemic lupus suffering” as Taurus.
Systemic lupus erythematosus is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the connective tissue inflammation and damage her.
Renteria, 1.80 meters tall, champion Tauro in Apertura 2010 and Clausura 2012 Panamanian football, also played for Real Cartagena in Colombia and Bolivia Bolivar Club.He was also the top scorer with Taurus in the Clausura 2012 with 14 goals.
Renteria also was selected Panama. With his selection he played several matches of the last round of face-to-Brazil-2014 under coach Julio Dely Valdes.