More than 50 young Venezuelans offered concerts for peace
At least 7000 200 Venezuelan children and young people will demonstrate their technical and musical in favor of peace and quality of life in Venezuela. (Photo: VNA).

The System of Orchestras and Choirs Youth and Children of Tachira (Venezuela southwest), will offer a series of concerts to promote peace and life in Venezuela.
The initiative seeks to consolidate the activities promoted by the Movement for Peace and Life which promotes the Venezuelan government under the framework of the Plan of Pacification.
The agenda includes a visit to at least six municipalities of Tachira, which will offer more than 50 presentations, which include typical Venezuelan culture pieces. The concert tour will start next Friday, February 14th and will run until Monday 17.
The regional director of Sistema Tachira Laudemar Rodriguez said that “at least 7000 200 children and young people demonstrate their technical and musical quality.”
At another point, he added that he will use the activities to commemorate the 39 anniversary of Sistema in Venezuela, created by maestro José Antonio Abreu in 1975.
“Taking this date, it is important to remember how far we have advanced. Here in Tachira started with three municipal areas and today we have 20 institutions dedicated to training children well for the future of Venezuela, “said Rodriguez.
The Movement for Peace and Life was created by the president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, on March 23, 2013 to form the company with a block by the government to fight against insecurity and the negative values.At the initiative were artists, athletes, politicians, musicians, social movements and a number of contributors who have sealed their commitment to reduce crime.