Painting Panamanian mourning the death of the famous master Alfredo Sinclair
The laureate painter noted for his work in colorful glass and oil that made the difference in his career (Photo:

At the age of 98 years, died Sunday honest teacher of painting in Panama, Sinclair Alfredo Ballesteros, due to heart failure, his family was informed.
The Daily Star of Panama, noted that the painter laureate died at about 8.00am local time (1300 GMT). “The painting is of national mourning with the death of renowned master of Panamanian Alfredo Sinclair Paint your 98 years old,” said the newspaper article.
The teacher Ballesteros Sinclair was born in Panama City on December 8, 1914, fourth son of George Sinclair, renowned engineer and Panamanian Quintina Ballesteros.
Between 1941 and 1945 he alternated his work in the company of Neon tubes Product with his studies at the National School of Painting. There he excelled as a student of the Panamanian Humberto Ivaldi. Then he took singing lessons at the National Conservatory of Music and went on to sing in choirs as under.
The 1943 won third prize in a painting competition organized by the National Brewery, and in 1947 sold several belongings to travel to Argentina, where he was admitted to the School of Fine Arts Ernesto Cárcova in Buenos Aires (capital)
In Buenos Aires continued his art studies and managed to attend exhibitions you knew the work of artists such as Gauguin, Modigliani, Matisse and Pollock. Already by 1949 had positioned fourth place in the XXVIII Annual Exhibition of the Students and Graduates of Fine Arts.In January 1950 he presented his solo exhibition at a gallery in Buenos Aires. Satisfied, he returned to Panama to stabilize and mount your shop as a painter and later more organized four exhibitions and won an honorable mention in the National Painting Competition.
His three Jorge, Olga (who also followed the career and discussed with his father) and Michelangelo, were devoted his time to publicize the work of Sinclair.
To exposure participated in “Ten Painters Panamanians” at the Pan American Union of Washington (USA) and the newspaper “The Washington Post” cataloged it as the most complete artist. Thanks to work with oil in the ground that used glass.
This would be your technique to differentiate traditional artists, items such as stained glass from neon tubes mixed with oil, were key. A picture with this type of mixed media, entitled “Mato Grosso”, won first prize for painting Miró Ricardo Contest in 1955.
His work always stood out among the others by using bright, vivid colors that went forth from figurative to abstract, to return back to the figurative, semi-abstract expressionism already.
In 1991 the Museum of Contemporary Art exhibited his career and that same year the Government of Panama awarded him the Order Vasco Nunez de Balboa in rank of Commander.Its majestic paintings are currently available in the Luis Angel Arango Library in Bogotá, the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico, Museum of Fine Arts in Caracas and Modern Art in New York and the Art of the Americas in Washington (U.S. capital)