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Mujica considers the Venezuelan situation Unasur should discuss

President of Uruguay, José “Pepe” Mujica said that no country wants war or coups; reason said the presidents of South America should have the maturity to overcome these problems.

50 arrested in Belgium on suspicion of recruiting young people to the Syrian conflict

Belgian police conducted an investigation to the homes of the accused persons, in Brussels (capital), given that the local press had reported that 200 to 300 young people, mostly Muslims, were taken to Syria to fight the Army together mercenaries.

Francisco pope asked the world not to condemn divorce

The Pope stressed Francisco Friday during a Mass celebrated at the home of Santa Marta Vatican, that people should be more vulnerable and less critical of those couples who decide to divorce.

Bolivia undertakes plan to help farmers affected by rains

Ministers for Development Planning, Economy, Public Works, Production Development, Rural Development and the Presidency proposals analyze ranchers who lost more than $ 150 million because of the rains.

About 50 thousand people complained about broken promises southeastern Peru

The people of Cusco, in southeastern Peru, Ollanta Humala claimed President South Pipeline construction Peruano (GSP) and Chinchero International Airport and the budget cuts to the Region and municipalities, and increased salaries ministers.

Controversy balance on reconstruction after 2010 tsunami in Chile

The earthquake and tsunami that devastated six regions of Chile on February 27 left a total balance of 526 dead, 25 missing people living in 800 thousand victims and material damages estimated at 30 billion dollars.

Venezuelan president calls prioritize work for peace in the country

Maduro said the meeting for peace that has occurred over the past three days, from all social sectors of the country, is offering results. “We appointed a Commission of Control, we also have the Liaison Committee,” that in order to publicize her work of the Conference.

High consumption of maize malnutrition contributes Guatemalan children

According to the United Nations (UN), in Guatemala 49 percent of children under five face a picture of chronic malnutrition, the highest level in Latin America and the sixth in the world.

Chilean officials investigated for involvement in theft of copper

State officials Chilean Codelco and Minera Escondida, are under investigation for stealing about $ 80 million to the company. The police managed to arrest the group’s leader, identified as Gilberto Asiar Tapia and 22 others.

Mexican government confirmed death of Templar leader “The Panther”

Francisco Nuñez Galeana, was killed in the town of Arteaga in Michoacan during a confrontation with the federal police. The prosecution proved the identity of the offender thanks to a black panther tattoo on his back.